The story of Transparent Sound

We are Transparent Sound; an audio brand driven by curiosity and a desire to question what tech products bring to people’s lives. Our speakers are designed to be as much an interior design object as a great sounding piece of technology. They are also designed to be able to be upgraded over time, rather than being exchanged for new products. Our ambition is to create qualitative tech products that age with dignity and might even be passed on to the next generation. Boldly speaking; we aim for a sustainable closed-loop system.

We are probably most known for our Transparent Speakers. The first version of the Transparent Speaker was posted as an image of the prototype on the blog of the design studio we were running back then (called People People). It quickly received a lot of positive attention and we successfully launched the speaker through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. That’s the reason we are here.

The name ’Transparent’ stands for different things: except for the unique design, the name also means a questioning of the industry within which we operate, and an attempt for a more open, honest and sustainable business model. The chosen materials and the manufacturing process of our speakers focus on being modular and repairable to make sure as few components as possible are thrown away. Lastly, Transparent Sound also refers to the fact that the speakers aim towards a correct, 'transparent' reproduction of a recording.

Being Swedish, our design philosophy is very much born out of the Scandinavian simplicity and functionalism, but we believe all products that aspire to become timeless need a little spark of some kind of magic. Something that speaks directly to the gut of the beholder. 

We are proud to have many musical artists as our customers. Somehow the neutral audio tuning and the audio heritage in the design seem to attract various artist across many genres, such as Britney Spears, Will.I.Am, Robyn, Snoop Dogg, Steve Angello, One Direction, Oskar Linnros and many more. We hope you will be the next one joining. Since the beginning, we have used the online community as an integrated part of our operations. We will continue to interact with you in different ways, as we believe this is the only way to run a progressive company these days, to keep it truly transparent.

/Martin & Per